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Loving Can Heal
Loving Can Mend Your Soul
2nd-Nov-2030 05:20 pm - [sticky post] Friends Only
[FFVII]-Rinoa eternity

I've decided to make my journal friends only.
I don't post a lot but if we have something in common or
if I know you, I'll add you.
I'm always up to making new friends!!

If you wanted icons, please go over to illuzhans.
31st-Dec-2009 01:05 pm - My 2009 Scrapbook
[FFVIII]-Rinoa flower fields
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11th-Jun-2009 01:39 pm - Friends Cut
[FFVII]-Rinoa eternity
Friends Cut

I hate to do this, but my f-list is getting kind of big and I noticed that there are certain entries that I skim or just pass over. Additionally, I rarely comment on some of these journals or vice versa. There's nothing personal. I made many friends from various friending memes last year, and maybe we just didn't click. If you can't see this post, you were cut.

So please remove me from your friend's list. If you feel that you were cut by mistake, please comment and I'll add you back.
31st-Dec-2008 01:19 pm - 25 Books in 2009
[Dark]-lost in thought
25 Books in 2009Collapse )
31st-Dec-2008 01:17 pm - 100 Movies in 2009
[FFVIII]-Rinoa believe in love
If you watch a movie more than once a year you can list it again if you haven't already listed it in the current month.

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4th-May-2004 09:25 pm - Love Quotes

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